Somewhere on a dark planet with no star, where the only light on the surface is produced by humans...

... lived the miserable Darkmonger!

Darkmonger loved the darkness, that's why he despised the humans and their light. He hunted them in the dark...

... and ate them.

He grew bigger and bigger with every human he ate and soon he started devouring whole villages.

The humans were terrified and didn't know how to protect themselves from Darkmonger.

Some thought turning off their lights would save them.

And so it became completely dark again on the planet without a star.

Darkmonger became stronger and bigger than ever in the darkness, he ate all the humans and eventually swallowed the whole planet.

Now he was drifting aimlessly through the universe, still hungry, still miserable. So, he did some self-reflection.

Why did he crave darkness? And why did he despise the humans and their lights?

And suddenly it dawned on him that it was just that he didn't want anyone to see...

... that he had a really small penis.

The End