is one of the biggest accommodation reservation services in the world. Each day, over a million room nights are reserved through its websites and apps.

My role at

  • Projects cover all platforms (desktop, mobile, native apps)
  • Facilitate Ideation, sketching/wireframing and create mockups
  • Write HTML, CSS, JS and some Perl code
  • Maintain and deploy code using git
  • Analyze experiment data and propose next iteration steps
  • Coach and develop team members

Some projects I worked on

Many companies claim that they have a metrics-driven approach... But holy shit, unlike most of these places, takes this statement really serious. The development teams measure the business impact of every component of their products carefully.

The teams I worked on at Booking enabled me to work on a range of the company's huge product portfolio. In the gallery above, the work displayed is not reflective of the actual sites at this point, due to the dynamic, fast-learning approach at Booking.