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Full disclosure: is the outlet of my girlfriend Tracey Ingram, who is a gifted writer and editor. She "grew up with a tonne of tummy problems" and has ever since been writing about her experiences, treatments and recipes to help others with similar problems.

"Cookmode on"

I developed a custom WordPress site that is built around her unique content. We share a hatred for the way recipe sites often hide the important info under a myriad of bla. So we invented 'Cookmode', a button at the top of every recipe page that hides everything but the ingredients and the process.

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Cooking with nothing, looking like something

Since this site is so unique and specific, it needed a distinct identity. Together we agreed on a color palette and logo concept. The wordmark conveys the idea of dietary restrictions with negative space in the word 'no'.

Tracey herself beautifully photopgraphs her delicious dishes, which makes up a big part of the site's aesthetic identity. So the design of typography and other elements is deliberately simple and lightweight.