JustPeace Labs

What I did:

  • Housestyle (Logo, Assets & Usage Guidelines)
  • Website: Visual & Product Design
  • Website: Frontend Development (HTML, PHP, JS, CSS/SASS)

JPL's Mission

The startup has declared their mission "to empower local communities to be active participants in creating lasting just peace through the use of technology". I created a logo and housestyle for them that conveyes their goals and products.

justpeacelabs logo

The "broken peace" logo

Since 1958, the Symbol for the British nuclear disarmament movement by Gerald Holtom is used as an international symbol for peace.

Clients of JustPeace Labs are peace builders. The logo is a 'broken' peace sign with only the frame intact. It stands for the technological and ethical frameworks that JPL aims to provide that can be used to achieve long lasting, just peace.

Screenshot of JustPeace Labs Website

A website that empowers content creators

Utilizing the newly developed housestyle, I designed a custom website that looks and works great for visitors. The ultimate goal however was to also design a workflow that empowers the creators at JPL to easily update and make beautiful new content.

You can check it out here: